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This is a site that I have started mostly for my own amusement and also to share a few online apps I've made that I've found useful.


Eumnestos is a tool for memorizing rituals and incantations verbatim. I have long held that ritual magic requires a certain amount of rote memorization, and that the notecard is not a magical tool. Obviously, sometimes you just have to write down a ritual and read it, and that's okay -- but everything works better when you have it right at the tip of your tongue. Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to memorize verbatim text, so I have made this tool, which I routinely use now to memorize rituals. It helps you memorize texts by giving you a prompt for each word -- the first letter -- and letting you quickly and easily check if your memory is accurate, while discouraging "cheating." I've found this mixture of prompting, immediate feedback, and drilling to be extremely useful, and I hope you will too. When you click on the link, you will be prompted to enter some text to memorize. Further instructions can be found in the tool itself.


Cattan is a simple browser-based geomancy app that generates four random mothers, calculates the rest of the figures, and places them in both house and shield charts. Because it's written in Javascript, you can't save the results, but you can take a screen-shot and save it that way if you wish.