Material to memorize will go here



  1. Press the "memorize" button below to enter text to memorize in the pop-up box. You can type it or cut-and-paste.
  2. Read over your text a few times, ideally aloud.
  3. Slow down and think about each word and how it links logically to the next word.
  4. When ready to drill, press the Drill tab at the top left of the screen.
  5. Try to remember what each word of the original text is as you look at the first letters of those words
  6. If you are stuck, guess and then check your guess by pressing the Drill tab again.
  7. Do not forget to guess, and then immediately check your guess. You will learn faster if you try, fail, and get feedback than if you skip one of those three things
  8. To maintain a text, recite it without a prompt several times a day, then once a day every day, then once a week.